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Boolean Tutorial for EMM Survey Registry

You will be able to conduct Boolean searches in our EMM Survey Registry. Please consult the table below regarding the special character(s) you will need to use. For more detailed information about Boolean searches and the logic adopted by our registry, please consult the following GitHub page: Full-text queries



+ Acts as the AND operator

Example: Roma+Hungary

| Acts as the OR operator

Example: Albanian|Serbian

* Serves as the wildcard

Example: Rom*

“” Wraps together terms into a phrase

Example: “Ethnic minorities”

() Wraps together a clause for precedence

Example: (Ethnic minorities)

~n After a term: Sets fuzziness (fuzziness = match all terms with up to a certain number of characters added, deleted, or changed)

Example: Rom~2

After a phrase: Sets slop (slop = match all terms in a query with up to a certain number of misorderings)

Example: ~2Rom

Negates a term

Example: -Rural

NOTE: This table is an adaptation of the table found in the GitHub page: Full-text queries
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