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Coordinating existing and future research efforts

The ETHMIGSURVEYDATA network serves as a central contact point for sharing information about new survey data on ethnic and migrant minorities (EMMs) that is designed across Europe and in neighbouring countries. Our network members have extensive expertise in the design, undertaking, and processing of surveys across a range of EMM subgroups and in multiple languages, using a variety of sample designs. If you are planning on running a new survey on EMMs anywhere in Europe, you may find it useful to coordinate and get in touch with our network members. The information below provides you with a number of useful resources to do so.


Useful resources


List of recent surveys designed by members of our network

  • Special block in European Social Survey in Estonia (undergoing fieldwork): A special set of questions about the measurement of immigration-related ethnic tension was added to the regular European Social Survey in Estonia
  • Menschen in Duisburg 2021, Germany (fieldwork completed in June-November 2021): A study of the political attitudes and behaviour within the German election campaign
  • **Tentative name** The impact of COVID-19 on values and attitudes in Lombardy, Italy: A comparison between native and immigrant population (in development): A study, based on the European Values Study, to understand the native-immigrant gap in people‚Äôs values and attitudes. The survey will be mostly based on the European Values Study


COVID-19 surveys including EMM respondents

The EMM Survey Registry is actively curating a special COVID-19 collection to showcase and improve the visibility of COVID-19 surveys undertaken with EMM respondents. The live collection can be found here.



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