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EMM Survey Registry

The Ethnic and Migrant Minority (EMM) Survey Registry is a free online tool that allows users to search for and learn about existing quantitative surveys to EMM populations through the compiled survey-level metadata.

The EMM Survey Registry is one of the main outputs generated by COST Action 16111 Ethmigsurveydata jointly with the Sciences Po team of the SSHOC (Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud) project. It is also a result of the collective efforts by the national delegations of the participating countries in the COST Action who have contributed to an initial comprehensive compilation of all the surveys targeting EMM respondents since January 2000 and until 2018 in their respective country.

The EMM Survey Registry is currently in beta testing version. This means that we are still testing for proper functioning and user-friendliness and that the metadata contained only covers a limited number of countries.

The EMM Survey Registry work has been coordinated by Laura Morales, Mónica Méndez, Anikó Bernat and Johannes Bergh as the leaders of Work Groups (WG) 1 and 2 of the COST Action, and by Ami Saji at Sciences Po as the researcher in the SSHOC project. Nevertheless, numerous researchers in the COST Action and the SSHOC project have contributed at various stages of the process, providing feedback on various iterations of the methodological guidelines and data collection templates as well as offering advice on the technical aspects of implementation, and participating in the quality control process. Unfortunately, they are too numerous to be listed here, but we wish to publicly acknowledge their contributions. The technical design and implementation of the registry was undertaken by Youngminds.

If you have any feedback to share on essential improvements or on any metadata corrections that need to be made for a particular survey record, please send them to with the subject “Feedback on EMM Survey Registry”.

In the sections below you will find information on the methodology, the countries for which information is available in this version release, information on how to add new surveys, and a link to access the EMM Survey Registry.


The EMM Survey Registry captures quantitative surveys to EMM populations that have been conducted at the national or subnational level in at least one of the 35 COST Action participating countries (see full list of countries in the section below). Both EMM-specific surveys and general population surveys with a substantive EMM sub-sample have been included in the EMM Survey Registry. For any international survey programs that have been included in the EMM Survey Registry, a separate record has been created for each participating country (i.e. there is no one record that captures all of the countries participating in the international survey program); as such, users will need to consult section 2 of a record to determine if the survey belongs to an international survey program.

The methodology employed to create the EMM Survey Registry has been an iterative process of deliberation and trialling by a large number of researchers within WG1 and WG2 of the COST Action. You can find detailed information about the methods used in the following documents: 

  • Guidelines followed by the country delegations
  • Metadata compilation template document
  • Training videos provided to country teams
  • Example of a filled in metadata compilation document
  • Guidelines for quality control steps followed by the Sciences Po team


This is the list of countries that have been included in the initial compilation of survey metadata undertaken by the COST Action.

Countries for which information is available in this version of the registry are denoted in blue (as hyperlinks). Click on the name of the country for a summary of the survey metadata that has been compiled for that country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic


North Macedonia
United Kingdom

Cite and reuse the EMM Survey Registry metadata

If you would like to use our registry and the survey-level metadata it houses for any of the countries listed above, please use the following citation:

Morales, Laura, Saji, Ami, Méndez, Mónica, Bergh, Johannes, and Bernat, Anikó. “The EMM (ethnic and Migrant Minorities) Survey Registry”. Zenodo, May 25, 2020. doi:10.5281/zenodo.3841433 [Access to the dataset here:]

Contribute and support

The EMM Survey Registry is designed to be a constantly updated registry of the surveys conducted to EMMs across Europe (and beyond). We encourage all researchers and organisations producing new survey data targeting these groups to include the survey information and metadata on our registry.

The default license for all the survey-level metadata added to the EMM Survey Registry is CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication, accompanied by the following text: “Our community norms as well as scientific best practices expect that proper credit is given via citation. Please cite both the EMM Survey Registry and the data producers when re-using the survey-level metadata.” The registry citation has been provided in the section above. For citing the data producers, please use the suggested citations in section 9 whenever this information has been provided.

How to add new or missing surveys to the EMM Survey Registry.

Want to add in information for a survey produced since 2018? Have we accidentally overlooked a survey?

Please fill in this form (forthcoming) so that we can generate an account for you to contribute to the EMM Survey Registry. To learn more about how you will be able to add new surveys using your provided account, please consult this PDF file (forthcoming).

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