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Ethmig Survey Data Hub

A main goal of ETHMIGSURVEYDATA is the set-up of a web-based platform or Data Hub (EthMigSurveyDataHub). The hub will facilitate knowledge sharing and transfer, as well as opportunities for deposit and access of EMM data across Europe.

The Ethmig Survey Data Hub is currently under construction.

Metadata Registry

WG1 and WG2 are actively collecting and coding metadata on surveys targeting EMMs. Users will be able to search for surveys and access the survey-level metadata.

Question Data Bank

WG3, in collaboration with WG1 and WG2, are developing a question data bank for surveys on EMMs’ integration. This data bank will allow users to explore existing survey questionnaires and retrieve specific questions to be used in their own surveys.

Pooled Surveys

WG1, WG2, and WG3 will pool surveys retrieved in the metadata compilation. Users will be able to easily examine and learn from the existing surveys.

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