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SSHOC (Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud)

A Horizon 2020 project that aims to make different European research endeavours and infrastructures converge towards a coherent set of services provided to the research community through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The purpose of EOSC portal is to gather data, tools and training resources made accessible through a simplified entrypoint for the benefit of the research community at large, and social scientists in particular.

CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives)

Provides large-scale, integrated and sustainable data services to the social sciences, and brings together social science data archives across Europe, with the aim of promoting the results of social science research and supporting national and international research and cooperation.


A comprehensive database on peer reviewed research on migration to facilitate systematic knowledge accumulation in the field of migration studies.

The European Survey Research Association (ESRA)

Provides coordination in the field of survey research in Europe, as well as fosters and enhances links between European survey researchers and their colleagues in other parts of the world.


The largest European network of scholars in the area of migration and integration. The focus is on comparative research and joint research projects.


The Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum, is the initiative mobilising for sustained, regular policy dialogue across Europe and facilitating policies based on evidence.

Migration Data – Videos by Prof. Dr. Melissa Siegel

Melissa Siegel, a Professor of Migration Studies at United Nations University – MERIT (UNU-MERIT), has produced a Youtube channel, where she offers short videos about salient issues/topics related to migration. The Migration Data playlist, in particular, discusses migration survey data.

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