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Successful webinar on the EMM Survey Registry – recording now available!

How can we untap the full potential of quantitative survey data undertaken with EMMs (ethnic and migrant minorities) for research and policymaking? How might the various stakeholders of quantitative EMM survey data work together to make this data ‘FAIR‘?

Our EMM Survey Registry, a free online tool that displays information about existing quantitative surveys undertaken with EMM (sub)populations, is one such example of a multi-stakeholder initiative that is attempting to make quantitative EMM survey data ‘FAIR’. Being jointly developed by ETHMIGSURVEYDATA, SSHOC and, more recently, FAIRETHMIGQUANT, the EMM Survey Registry is currently in ‘beta’ version and displays information about over 460 different surveys from 13 European countries. When completed, it will serve as a ‘census’ of existing EMM surveys undertaken in 30 different countries (primarily in Europe).

To showcase and provide a live demo of the EMM Survey Registry to prospective users (i.e. data producers and data users), Laura Morales (the COST Action Chair) and Ami Saji (a COST Action member supporting WG1 and WG2), in collaboration with SSHOC, held a free webinar on 26 October 2020. This well-attended webinar brought in over 100 participants affiliated with different research and policy-related institutions from over 30 different countries. Many of the webinar participants expressed a strong interest in using and contributing to the EMM Survey Registry in the future!

The webinar recording is available on the SSHOC and ETHMIGSURVEYDATA Youtube channels: click here. The webinar slides can be accessed via Zenodo. Any questions/feedback about the EMM Survey Registry and/or the webinar can be directed to:

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